18 Pounds In 4 Days Diet Review

The 18 Pounds in 4 Days program claims to have the secret formula behind losing weight drastically in just a matter of four days. This is intended for people who don’t have time to lose weight because of an upcoming event. If you need to lose weight to fit in that dress for your friend’s wedding or you are going with a group of friends to a beach getaway, then you might want to take a look into this diet and see if it’s safe enough for you.

18 Pounds In 4 Days Details

This program was designed by James Zeta. According to him, you can lose as much as 18 pounds in merely 4 days with the right combination of foods. This diet revolves around eating foods with very low calories, mainly fruits and vegetables that are rich in protein. He says that by restricting calories, the body has no choice but to burn the remaining fat until it results in a noticeable loss of weight. In this diet, there is no need to find special foods just to attain your goals. All it takes is combining the right regular foods that would boost your metabolism and start the fat burning process.

The author asserts that you dont need to seek additional supplements and exotic meals to lose weight. He further adds that you don’t even need to exercise in order to jumpstart your weight loss. The program introduces an outline of what the dieters must do during the first four-day period of the program. It also includes a meal plan and how to cook them. And just like many fad diets, it promises to help you maintain the weight in the long term. For breakfast, you will eat more vegetables and small portions of eggs, meat, and chicken. Grapefruit is also included as part of the regimen. This program does not encourage exercise. In fact, dieters are warned against doing it during the span of four days. But you can perform exercise after the program once you have reverted back to your normal routine.


1. Includes a comprehensive meal-plan for four days.

2. Designed for people who need to lose weight in the eleventh hour.

3. Provides practical tips on how to maintain weight in the long term.


1. Considered one of the fatal crash diets that may endanger your health.

2. Rapid weight loss in a very short amount of time can result in your body not being able to handle the stress and tension.

3. Mild side effects include fatigue and hunger.

4. May escalate into something serious such as heart failure.


Although it is theoretically possible for people to lose 18 pounds in 4 days, it is definitely not healthy. It compromises your health and may result in a severe medical condition. The quick-fix mentality is highly discouraged by experts because it is unrealistic and may disappoint people from pursuing weight loss.