About Me

Fat might as well be a cuss word. Whether you’re snickered at, snubbed, or down right called a fatty, it stays with you and it hurts. Hello. I am Angie, a 52-year old wife and mother of one son.

I refer using the word fitness rather than skinny. Being skinny doesn’t mean one is fit. Just look at retired models. Getting fit also doesn’t mean one has to be a professional athlete.

Fitness is  physical, mental, and spiritual. It is about finding what one loves to do as a workout and having joy watching your shape improve.

The down and dirty for me was being a fat teenager.

Thin, skinny, pretty, and fit were words I was never called when I was a teenager. When puberty hit, it hit me hard. To get out of the chaos of my home life, I stayed in my room and ate. I was called plump by so called friends in school.

My pediatrician even got in on the name calling by referring to me as chunky while my mother stood there. Chunky stayed etched in my brain for decades. Don’t some cookies have chunky pieces of chocolate in them? Shopping for clothes was a nightmare for me. Watching my sister effortlessly slipped into a pair of blue jeans was agonizing. I anguished as I shuffled through racks and racks looking for school clothes that would fit me. Packing myself into a pair of blue jeans with the usual large shirt to cover my stomach was my wardrobe. During middle school and high school, I’d look down at my mushy melded legs as I watched other teen girls wear cute in style clothes. Then, I really began to fret about finding clothes to fit me, because I liked a boy in the neighborhood. I wanted to look pretty. You see, my relatives were indirectly comparing me to my sister. My sister had always been the tall, thin, beautiful one. Eventually, I got a date with that boy I liked. We sat on the back step of my house and talked. I was used though, because the boy I had worked so hard to look good for pretended to like me. Why? So he could get close to my sister. And he did. My sister got the guy. I cried my eyes out and stared out the window as they walked away hand in hand one evening. What compassion did I get from my parents? That my sister is thin and so pretty. I was told by my mom you are just built like that. Like what?

The turning point.

So, in my teens, I sadly accepted that being chunky was the luck of the draw for me, and the anchor I would carry the rest of my life. Oh, to be light, comfortable, and confident in my body was my dream. Instead, I walked around my after school job at a convenience store like a blob of nothingness. Then, aerobics became popular and the start of my journey of working out. I was in my late teens by then and my best friend told me about a church offering very cheap aerobics classes. I devoured workout VHS tapes, then DVDs. Little did I know was that I had a lot to learn about exercising  and eating properly. Both are the keys to health and fitness. It took me years of experimenting and trying different workouts until I found what worked for me. No starving. No running 10 miles a day.

I am here to share what has helped me keep my weight off even while I am in menopause. Men and women alike can benefit from what I’ve experienced. Anyone is welcome to comment and ask me questions at [email protected] The choice is yours. Only a small space is needed to get fit and enjoy taking care of your body.

Many blessings on your journey to fitness,


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