BodyCraft K2 Strength Training Home Gym

Working with first class gym equipment makes workouts fun, efficient and convenient.

The problem however is that most professional grade equipments are available mostly in expensive gyms and health clubs.

But with new fitness equipments like the BodyCraft K2 Strength Training Home Gym, you can get the same high intensity weight trainings and workouts right in your own homes.

Whether you need traditional exercise routines or the more sports-specific and functional workouts, the BodyCraft K2 would be a great exercise equipment to have for your training and development.

Product Description

The BodyCraft K2 Strength Training Home Gym is an advanced home fitness system that gives users multiple options they can choose from to get a satisfying, efficient and enjoyable workout right in the comforts of their own homes.

The machine features two separate exercise stations, each with its own 205 pound weight stacks that can give you the workout routine that works with your fitness level.

This includes a cable system with adjustable cable arms where you can work with rehab trainings, sports specific trainings, lifestyle trainings, and dumbbell exercises.

The machine also features bench press station where you can perform flat, incline, shoulder, squats and decline presses. There is also an option for leg press attachments to enable you to work with your legs.

BodyCraft K2 Strength Training Home Gym Features

Measuring 84 inches long, 108 inches wide and 85 inches high, the BodyCraft K2 Strength Training Home Gym can easily be installed into any corner or fit against any wall in your home.

The machine is sturdily built with heavy gauge 23 inch and 22 inch steel, extra strong aircraft cables and fiberglass-reinforced pulleys.

The machine also features an adjustable starting position armature that can help you customize the intensity of your weight training enabling you to sculpt and tone your physique according to your goals.

It includes seats, belts, straps and cable extensions allowing you to perform curls, presses and other movements for a wide variety of workout routines.


The BodyCraft K2 Strength Training Home Gym was made available to the public in 2002 and since then users not only praised this fitness machine because of its high quality built and performance, but most are well satisfied with the design as well as the aesthetic qualities the machine exude.

Many were satisfied with the cable arm and pulley system with built-in stabilizers that give them unrestricted exercise routines that feature biomechanically correct and completely natural movements.

Users can easily build the strength and balance they need for any strenuous sports activities or for any daily tasks they need to perform.


Except for a few downsides, there are only very few negative reviews about the BodyCraft K2 Strength Training Home Gym.

Some of these nuances users reported include complaints about how loose the vinyl covers are on the leg extensions and squat pads.

Aside from that, users reported the pulley cables getting tangled particularly if the machine is used frequently, which may entail getting a pulley or two removed.

Other reviews commented that the machine is a bit expensive and may not be affordable to most users.


Despite a few minor downsides reported about the machine, the BodyCraft K2 Strength Training Home Gym in general is a very excellent fitness machine that would be a great main exercise system in any home workout area or room.

There is no need to get additional machines or exercise equipments as the BodyCraft K2 is a complete fitness equipment that can give you the strength training you need.