Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

What do you actually eat when you start your day? Coffee is commonly taken for breakfast and people hardly eat something heavy in the morning. They seldom look at the kitchen to find something to refuel their body for the day, because they do not want to start their morning feeling full and bloated. That is actually a wrong perception. Various studies prove that somehow, eating a full breakfast everyday can eventually boost weight lose, and is a fact. Evidences are visible on weight lose when you will take breakfast before starting your day. Several body conscious eventually skip meals when they woke up, thinking that they are cutting off calories, but that is not the point because on the middle of the day until lunch people tend to starve already. When you starve, it is not good because you have no more calories to use in performing your daily activities.

A chief dietician for St. Barnabas Hospital in New York City named, Milton Stokes, RD, MPH, said that, “Breakfast skippers actually substitute for the day some useless and malnourished foods from true nourishments, which the body needs to have full energy to metabolize”. This kind of eating attitude is a great failure. Eating breakfast everyday is really a good way to combat body fats because it helps boost up your metabolism. This is the best strategy however to reduce weight. Two trials being done by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association has proven of these allegations, that breakfast really plays an important role to weight loss. They have observed and proved as well, that habitual breakfast eater were more active than those who starved themselves in the morning, are the ones who exercise the more. Experts said that many women and men who ate a complete meal to start up their day are more likely to have a lesser fat intake in the body, that is contrast with those who have nothing to eat.

When you do not eat the proper nourishment in breakfast to perk up your day, you are in reality fasting for 15 to 20 hours; this cannot make the body produce the essential enzymes necessary to speed up the metabolism to burn out fat. Therefore, try not to go on with that mistaken idea of morning fast. By now then, you have to eat breakfast to lose weight than having to suffer the consequence of gaining more weight instead of losing.