Weight Loss for Men

Weight loss for men can be easier than for women. Firstly, men have more muscles mass than women and muscle burns more calories than fat. Secondly, men are usually taller and have larger frames than women. That means they need more calories and can eat more! Weight loss for men can be easier because they have a higher metabolic rate than women. That means they burn calories more quickly.

Men are not judged on their appearance as much as women are so theyre not as anxious about being a few pounds overweight. If men worry about their weight, it is usually because they are worried about how excess fat affects their health. Men often have a more straight -forward attitude to dieting and weight loss. Some men are overweight through ignorance. They dont know what foods they can eat in place of the fattening ones they love. They may not know how to cook. Sometimes overweight men just need information. Once these men learn what to eat, how to cook it and how to exercise, they find weight loss for men follows easily. Its like any other project or job. You just apply the knowledge. You just have to do it. The Healthy Weight Loss Guide has lots of information to help weight loss for men. Browse through to learn more about diet and exercise.

Overweight men typically carry their extra weight around their abdomens or bellies. They are android or apple shaped. (Women typically carry their excess weight on their hips and thighs. They are gynoid or pear-shaped.) Fat in the abdomen or stomach area is the most dangerous. It can lead to problems like these:
Heart disease
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Diabetes 2
Bad back
Bad knees
Sex problems

Its important to see if you fall into the at- risk category. Take a tape measure and measure around your waist at the navel or belly button. Dont breathe in, let it all hang out naturally. If your belly button is pointing downwards, lift if up until it points forward. You may need someone to help you hold the tape measure so that you can get an accurate measurement.

If your waist measurement is less than 94cm, you are in the normal range. (South Asian or Chinese men should aim to be less than 90 cm and Japanese men less than 85cm.) If your waist measurement is between 94-102 cm your risk of the health problems listed above are increased. If your waist measurement is greater than 102 cm, your risk is much greater. If your waist measurement is greater than 94cm, you need to lose weight.

Some overweight men snore excessively at night. For some men, this can be dangerous. If you are obese and have tried to lose weight before, you may also have metabolic syndrome.